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Critique on Essay on Mary Sue

I found the following article, called Help! I have a Mary Sue! , thanks to Pottersues. I agree with some of the things the writer says, but not everything.

Internet communities often lash out at writers who create Mary Sues.

I actually agree with this, as my first experience with Mary Sues was when someone from one of these internet communities decided to label the character as a Mary Sue simply because there was an OC in the story, and then proceeded to post the story to a forum so they could mock the writer, and the author. I decided to dig into what a Mary Sue was, and found a safe haven at Pottersues, as bullying Suethor's sis against the rules.

Declaring the writing below their standards, they proceed to punish the creators.

Uh, no.

For someone to critique they must have some kind of standard by which they review by. One of the things I've called writers out for is the fact they post hot-off-the-press stories, or their stories break the site rules. This in itself is a standard, and I am effectively telling, or declaring that what the writer is posting is below my standards. The writer of the article is pretty much saying that we shouldn't tell the writers the truth.

Of course, this also isn't what the writer of the article means. They're specifically I believe referring to Mary Sue communities like the one I first found, from which the standards uses are a joke. For example, I still remember the phrase “they wore the same expression” being used in the fic, and the writers mocking the writer by saying, “and they couldn't afford their own expression”. How the hell the readers missed what was meant by the phrase still to this day makes me roll my eyes, and that was ever so long ago.

It's not all bad though.Collapse )


Really? I Don't Think So

A young writer I came across claims they were found by a girl who has been bullying them offline. They claim that the girl who bullied them offline managed to find them through another person who read their work and that they didn't give out any personal information that identified them to the girl who bullied them offline. They didn't share their work with their friends either. They also claimed I don't know how things worked on the site or in real life.

Actually... I do know full well how things work on that site and in real life.

A person can NOT identify you without any identifying information. The chances of a random stranger on a site with mlllions of users knowing two people who go to the same school and getting them together is astronomically unlikely. Also astronomically unlikely is the ability of one of these two strangers to guess who the other is without anything that can identify them.

I've pretty much come across another writer whose using the sympathy ploy to get more readers, comments, votes and reads.

Here's where I admit that I was directed to the writer by someone who claimed to be worried about them in a thead of sorts. I was rolling my eyes at first but saw the bully story and thought I lend a help. The two names were actually similar, so I suspected a possibly sock puppet from the writer. I honestly hope not, but I already have reasons to doubt the writer on the bully story.

Edit: The writer is looking for people to only say positive things to make them feel good about themselves. They don't think people should tell them it is all right to have kinks in your writing because every writer does and feels that is a put down. This just makes me doubt their story about the bully even more.

I know that there are certain people who hate dubs and official translations with a passion. Some of this distaste comes from the idea that the “original” is the best. The problem with this is unless you actually understand Japanese you aren't getting the “original” and someone is doing the translations for you. More on this in a bit.

The other place that this distaste comes from is there was a period of time where companies would bring series over here and translate them and make edits. For example, they used to change mangas from being read right to left to left to right to fit the American audience's reading style. Names were changed to being more English in sound. Plots were changed around as well and there was censorship.

Even when the translators have the best intentions they can end up with issues. For example, sometimes things will be changed in a dub because of the fact the words need to match up with what is said. Other times there are mistranslations because humans aren't perfect. Despite this I am going to say that I trust official translations and more then I trust unofficial translations, the exception being when a company does go and butcher the original.

Actually... the good translations are the ones done with care.Collapse )

I've watched the movie 47 Ronin and I loved the movie. That said this entry to my blog isn't to expound upon how much I love the movie and how wrong the people who wrote negative reviews are wrong. 47 Ronin is honestly more along the lines of Asian film then it is American film and that in itself will cause negative reviews as well as varying opinions. No... what this entry is about is three things from negative reviews that have cropped up that honestly bothered me. They aren't in every review, but having come across them in some I wish to say something.

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